Benefits of using Best BB cream for aging skin

Benefits of using Best BB cream for aging skin

Does it take too much for you to indulge yourself in your daily skincare routine? Are you unable to process it in with your tight schedule, and it seems like a tedious task? We understand that and how you feel. After all, we are a generation that is overworked and often end up borrowing time from our sleep schedule, let alone having enough for wellness and skincare. But it is necessary, especially when your skin starts aging. So, do you want to minimize the time spent but still be able to get the oh-so sought-after healthy and glowing skin? Use the best BB cream for aging skin.


What Exactly is The Best BB Cream for Aging Skin

This name "bb cream" is being thrown around for quite a while now, but what does it exactly mean? The term "bb cream" is the abbreviation for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. It is a makeup and skincare product that is a cross between a foundation and a nourishing cream.

The best BB cream for aging skin has hydrating and anti-aging properties and also protects the skin from the ill effects of exposure to the sun rays. You can use it as a makeup base too. It is an all-in-one product that saves not only money but also time and effort.

BB Cream was created for the first time by a German dermatologist, Christine Schrammek, in 1967 as a Blemish Balm to heal and conceal inflammatory skin issues. It made its way across the world down from Germany and became popular in Asia around the 1980s. And now it has become a household name whenever it comes to skin-related talks. Let us look into how a BB cream can be beneficial to you, especially for aging skin types.


The Discussion on BB Cream Vs. CC Cream

Just as the name suggests, beauty balms are wellness products that ensure coverage like a foundation for a makeup base. Simultaneously, it acts as a skincare cream catering to various skin-related issues like aging, blemishes, sun damage, etc.

It is just like a tinted moisturizer that doubles up as a foundation that hydrates our skin surface. Hence, it is more suited for dry and wrinkled skin types and very beneficial for aging skin. Its moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing properties rejuvenate the skin while concealing the flaws, all at the same time.

The term CC cream comes from the wake of the popularity that the "BB cream" has gained over the years. Skincare companies are now marketing it and makeup manufacturers as a "color correcting" or "color control" cream.

It is a lighter foundation that works up as the base coat and conceals the blemishes and imperfections such as uneven skin tone or redness.

It provides greater coverage to the skin and mixes the benefits of both the best BB cream and a proper foundation. It has a more matte texture and is better suited for the oily skin type.


The Beauty Balm Cream Vs. the Foundation

Here is how a BB cream and a foundation differ from each other:

1. While a foundation is only a concealer that hides the imperfections, blemishes, and flaws, a BB cream not only acts as the coverage provider but also nurses out the spots that you are trying to conceal.

2. A foundation or color corrector evens out the skin tone and other blemishes, whereas a beauty balm provides the care, protection, and concealing in one dab.

3. A foundation does not nourish the skin tone but blocks out the pores to give the acne a better appearance. On the other hand, a beauty balm is lighter and does not conceal pores, only evens out the canvas for makeup while still nurturing the skin of its blemishes and inflammations.

4. A foundation base is heavier and is not beneficial or advisable for frequent use since it does not let the skin breathe. It cannot be used every day also as it gives a slight made-up look to the face. Everyday usage can lead to skin damage, but daily usage of a BB cream is helpful.

5. A foundation lasts longer and keeps the face as taut as it looked with the first application. A BB cream tends to wear out in comparison to a foundational base.

6. A foundation is always better when it comes to makeup for events like an office party, wedding events, and glamorous occasions. It gives that radiant and glowing texture due to its heavy creaminess. At the same time, a BB cream may not be able to provide more gorgeousness according to the grandeur of the event.

7. A foundation provides more and better coverage than a beauty balm does, given its thickness and concealing-focused properties.

best BB cream for aging skin

How does a Beauty Balm Cream Help an Aging Skin

As we have explained earlier, a bb cream has hydrating and moisturizing properties, two things that aging skin needs, regularly and daily. Secondly, exposure to the sunlight for hours causes the skin to age faster, and sunscreen is very important.

bb cream has the added faculties of a sun protector and shields the skin against the sun rays' harmful effects, with its SPF properties.


Concluding Words

With these things in mind, we should all mutually agree that this gorgeous German creation (that packs up the requirements of both a concealer and color corrector and a wellness product that nourishes the skin) indeed deserves the limelight it is being provided ever since. However, it is important to keep in mind that the best BB cream for aging skin might work as a foundation, but you can't do away with no other skincare.