Everything You Need to Know About the Best Foundation for Glowy Skin

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Foundation for Glowy Skin

The word foundation has become quite a staple with everyone who is even a bit interested in makeup. And everyone is talking about it. Since it comes with various formulas from different brands, you might want to know how to choose the best foundation for glowy skin.


What Exactly is Foundation Makeup?

As the name suggests, the foundation is a layer that provides the primary base or "foundation" on which you can apply your further coats of makeup. It is essential to use a foundation to cover all blemishes and blur out uneven skin tone. It also removes imperfections and constructs an overall even and spotless canvas on which you can paint your makeup look of the day.


Types of Best Foundation for Glowy Skin

Did you know there are several types of foundations suited for different effects and requirements? These are the common types of foundations you may want to apply.


1. Powder Foundation

The most common and oldest form of foundation is the powder one. It is the classic type and provides lighter coverage as compared to liquid or stick foundation. It is not the best option for dry skin. However, if you have oily skin, use this over liquid-based ones since it acts as an absorber and keeps the cakey/oily look away.


2. Liquid Foundation

One of the most popular forms of the foundation is the liquid one. It has an oil-based formula and is very lightweight. This foundation is suited for all skin types. It is easy to apply, gives a smooth finish, and appears heavy or thick.


3. Creamy Foundation

This is a cross between the moisturizer and foundation formulas, best suited for dry skin types. It is generally thicker and creamier and lasts all day long, even without requiring touch-ups. You can also use it as a concealer to get a perfect, blemish-free tone to the face.


4. Cake Or Stick Foundation

This one is an excellent option for people with oily skin, as it comes in a solid cake or stick form. It absorbs excess oils and doubles up as a concealer. It dries out quickly, and it is the best choice if you are short on time.


5. Whipped Foundation

This type conceals almost all types of imperfections, including the wrinkles from the face. It doesn't appear cakey at all. You should apply it only as a thin layer yet compacts up the base correctly. This foundation is best suited for aging or dry skin.


6. Serum Foundation

The oh so trendy foundation is popular among all of us. This one is a variation of the classic liquid foundation. Its formula is a hybrid one of oil-based products and a foundational makeup base. Perfect for the people who find it hard to manage time between work and wellness.


7. Water-Based Foundation

Another liquid formula but uses minimum oils. It is mostly water-based. Best suited for acne-prone and oily skin. It provides light coverage and is gentle on the skin.


8. Spray Foundation

This one is more like a touch-up tool and can be applied anytime when the makeup starts to melt or fade away. An excellent option for the millennial on the go.


Why Must You Use a Foundation

Foundation provides a smoothened appearance to the face and has another set of added benefits. We've listed the main reasons below:

1. It evens out the skin tone by removing the appearance of spots and blemishes.

2. It balances out the oily or dry skin texture of your skin type.

3. The product fills out the pores and protects the skin against all kinds of pollutants, dust, and dirt particles.

4. It acts as a barrier to the particles and other harmful chemical products or makeup that you apply to your skin.

5. Many foundations now come with added SPFs to shield your skin against sun damage caused by the harmful UV rays you face daily.

6. It works as an added layer of skincare. You can find foundations based on formulas that are suited for caring for your skin type.

Types of foundation


The Three Types of Foundation Finishes

By using the foundation of your choice from the types mentioned above, you can achieve whatever look you want. Here's how:


1. Natural Finish

For a casual hangout or a day at work, the natural finish is what you need. You can get this by applying a water-based, serum-based, or liquid foundation. It just conceals the faults while making the skin look neither dewy nor matte.


2. Matte Finish

If you have oily skin, the matte finish will help you combat the cakey appearance of your skin. You can get this look using the stick or powder foundation that is perfect for a long day.


3. Dewy Finish

This look is the glowing and radiant one of them all. It is a popular choice, and especially for those who have dry skin. For getting this look, you need to apply the whipped or creamy coats of the best foundation for glowy skin. It makes the skin appear moist and beautiful.


How To Choose The Best Foundation for Glowy Skin

It depends primarily on three things: your skin type, your skin shade, and the look you want to achieve.

1. These days, the markets have categorized all products on how they are suited for the various skin types: oily, dry, normal, sensitive, acne-prone, etc. There are different formulas based on the needs of your skin type. Water-based formulas work best for oily skin. And for the drier skin, creamier ones are the best.

2. The color of your skin tone and your foundation's color must be highly similar, if not precisely the same. All skin tones are different, and you should choose the shade accordingly so that you get a natural look.

3. Once again, the type of foundation you choose helps you create the look you want. And you should choose the best foundation based on your needs.


Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything about the foundation, you can easily select the best foundation for glowy skin. You can also take help from our website for the best foundations.