Zirg Daily Deal

What are Zirg Deal Steals?

Zirg Steals Deals is where customers can experience ultimate savings. 

Zirg creates daily deals listings with the hottest brand name fashion and beauty items. Items are marked down as low as 60% off, and for a limited time these items will be available for purchase online.  

How are products chosen for each sale?

Many factors are considered when an item is placed in a zirg.com Daily Deal. Ideally, we want an item that is hot and is readily available to ship upon completion of the deal. We guarantee our customers speedy shipping and we honor that by providing items that are available in deep quantities. All items sold by zirg.com or on our Daily Deal through third party vendors have to be completely authentic. We do not sell or promote the selling of counterfeit or knockoff items. Our customer trusts us to provide original items.

How often are sales held?

Zirg Deal Steals are held every seven (7) days. 

How long does each deal last for?

Daily Deals last for about seven (7) days.

Can I order by phone?

Yes, orders can be placed over the phone.  Contact one of our Zirg customer service reps for additional information.